T.O.U.C.H.- Tender Outreach Under Christ Hand
TOUCH Ministry is our membership care services. It is designed to assist Pastor Jones in the overall sheparding of the congregation. Each member is assigned to a TOUCH Group and a TOUCH Group Leader who serves as a liason between Pastor Jones. A TOUCH Component consist of a TOUCH Leader, a Zone Leader, and a District Minister.

District 1 - Minister Flossie Beasley - fbeasley@gcctouch.org
Minister Debra Givens - dgivens@gcctouch.org

District 2 - Ministers Brandon & Dymeata Burum - dburum@gcctouch.org

District 3 - Minister Diane Griffith - dgriffith@gcctouch.org

District 4 - Minister Gwen Collins - gcollins@gcctouch.org
                     Minister Sam Ingram - singram@gcctouch.org

Gary Christian Center is a ministry that values fellowship. We believe that our hearts grow warmer through fellowship. TOUCH Fellowships provides the congregation with a unique opportunity to learn and grow spiritually, and to enjoy the warmth of other believers. Our TOUCH Fellowships are held every 4th Wednesday of each month. Join us as we learn about God’s Word in a comfortable and non threatening atmosphere.


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